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Watermart Perkasa



For the regeneration of systems that use MTM®, Manganese Greensand or GreensandPlus™.


Clack’s Potassium Permanganate Feeder Assembly incorporates a non-pressurized storage tank and innovative grid design along with our dependable 464 float valve. The attractive 10”x16” tank is made of tough blow molded high density polyethylene, and contains an ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) for increased resistance to sunlight.* It has a storage capacity of up to 30 pounds of Dry Weight Potassium Permanganate. See the Dosage and Fluid Requirements chart located on the back page.

The black injection molded cover is securely fastened with three stainless stell safety screw to prevent access by children and pets. (As with all chemicals,the potassium permanganate chemical tank should be placed safety from children be placed safety away from children or pets) Chemical warning and drain caution labels are affixed to the unit.

The unique polypropylene felt grid pad retains even the finest grade of undissolved potassium permanganate above the grid. This permits efficient use of our assembly with all grades of potassium permanganate. Two and four ounce feeders have a grid platform height of 5-3/4 inches. Six ounce feeders have a grid plat-form height of 7-5/8 inches.The unit is shipped fully tested and assembled in individual cartons. Shipping weight is seven pounds.

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