Clack Brine Tanks 18"- 30"

Clack Brine Tanks 18"- 30"

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Clack’s blow molded brine tanks offer an attractive, heavy duty design for residential and commercial applications. Durable FDA approved materials and quality production technology guarantee trouble free performance. Rigid high impact nontoxic Polyethylene offers exceptional stress and crack resistant properties. Brine tanks are available in various sizes, capable of storing from 275 to 450 lbs of salt or potassium chloride.


All tanks include everything needed for installation including components that improve efficiency and increase safety, such as a salt grid, which promotes uniform brining and reduces salt bridging. Tanks also include a safety brine valve assembly to prevent brine overflow in the event of a water softener malfunction during regeneration.

Replacement brine tank includes:
• Clack® 18 x 40" round brine tank, 
Clack® 24 x 50" round brine tank, and Clack® 30 x 50" round brine tank
• 450 lbs salt or potassium chloride capacity
• Blow molded lid
• 4" brine well with top cap
• Fleck® 2310 Safety Brine Valve - prevents brine tank overflow
• Salt grid for supporting salt above a portion of the concentrated brine solution
• 10 feet of 3/8" brine line
• Available in your choice of almond, black or blue

We Provide The Following Products :

  • Clack Brine Tank G21840BG7CWG 18x40 Blue/Black IM CVR
  • Clack Brine Tank G22450CB1000 24x50 Black Brine Tank
  • Clack Brine Tank G23050CB1000 30x50 Black Brine Tank