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Structure characteristic of RUNXIN multi-functional flow control valve for water treatment systems; Adopt high flatness ceramic disk and high strength fixed disk, and balance pressure on back which helps to reduce the mechanical pressure. Signal collection points set on a plan circle easily realize to control automatically.

RUNXIN valve structure is, for adopting hermetical head faces fixed rotation to realize channel opening and closing, as well as flow direction changing. Signal collection points set on a plan circle easily realize to control automatically and five working positions couldn’t be repeated.

Structure Features

  • Indication of long timer power cut, data saved after power off (Saved for three days)
  • No hard water bypass in regeneration cycle. (Except F92 and F130)
  • Signal output connector, remote handling connector could receive passive signal.
  • Interlock function for contemporary system and individual regeneration.
  • F77, F95, F111, F99 adopt ball valve for brine drawing and refill.
  • Time clock regeneration option : by days or by hours; Meter valve regeneration option: Meter delayed (A-01), Meter immediate (A-02), Intelligent mater delayed (A-03), Intelligent meter immediate (A-04).
  • Up-flow valve interval backwash times setting F-00, service seeveral times but backwash one time.
  • F77, F95, F111 have two cores, one is for controlling water in and brine drawing, the other is for out.


  • Residential Softener Systems (F63, F65, F68, F69)
  • Softener for RO pretreatment System.
  • Boiler Softening System, Ion-exchange system. 
  • The model with a "S" means the valve with manual operation.
  • F77, F95, F111 brine refilled while service, brine refilling controlled by electronic ball valve.
  • F63, F65, F68 dan F69 have a variety of apperances optional.
  • Controller for F74 can be top or side mounted.
  • The above products ahve time clock type, such as 63504 (old model F63C1)

Available in 2 Models:

  • F63C1
  • F77A1
  • F96A1

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