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Mechanical actuated diapragm design eliminates contour plates, Variable eccentric drive mechanism for smooth sinusoidal flow.


The G Series of metering pumps offer traditional Milton Roy reliability with outstanding value for application up to 175 psi (12 bar). Milton Roy combined its heavy-duty industrial drive technology with state of the art design and manufacturing process in creating the G Series metering pump. This family of Mechanically Acuated Diapghram metering pumps is designed for durability and cost effectiveness.

Technical Specfication

  • Mechanically actuated PTFE diaphargm
  • Flow rates up to 1800 LPH,pressure up to 12 bar
  • Adjustment of flowrate from 0% - 100% while running or stopped
  • Accuracy +/-2% of 100% rated flow
  • Maximum temperatures of pumped fluid : 40 C
  • Maximum suction lift up to 3 m water,max,suction pressure 2 bar

Features & Benefits

  •  Mechanical actuated diapragm design eliminates contour plates
  •  Variable eccentric drive mechanism for smooth sinusoidal flow
  •  Rugged contructions designed to withstand tough environments
  •  Oil bath lubrication for all of drive components
  •  Lockable micrometer stroke,adjusment can be adjusted while pump is running or stopped
  •  PVC,PVDF & 316SS liquid end material
  •  Self-cleaning suction/discharge check valve
  •  Simplified service-easy access to the main componets,large opening and few assemblies

Automatic Capacity Control Options

  •  Electronic capacity control : Automatic stroke adjustment by 4 - 20mA analog signal power supply : 220V,50/60Hz,1 pjase
  •  Variable speed : Automatic speed variation by 4-20mA analog signal power supply : 200V-240V.50/60Hz,1Phase or 380-480V,50/60Hz,3 phase
  •  Varipulse control : Propotional control by 4-20mA analog signal/pulse or manual selection power supply : 220V-50/60Hz,1 phase (3 phase optional)

Other Options

  •  Double diapgram
  •  Stroke counter
  •  Material for special applications

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