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Watermart Perkasa




Panel (piping) type flowmeter is also called the variable-area (or float) flowmeter. The material of measuring tube is made of High-quality and transparent lucite (cast acrylic). This flowmeter is mainly applied to form a complete set in clean water treatment and environmental protection projects. It also can be used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, medicine, fertilizer, food, papermaking and scientific research, etc., to measure the single-phase non-pulsing flow of liquid and gas.

Product Specification

Type Measuring Range Medium Remark
LZT - 2510G 1~10 GPM / 5~35 LPM Water Circular
LZT - 2520G 2~20 GPM / 10~70 LPM Water CIrcular
LZT - 3024G 4~40 GPM / 15~150 LPM Water Circular
LZT - 4004G  4~40 GPM / 15~150 LPM Water Circular
LZT - 4006G 6~60 GPM / 25~250 LPM Water Circular
LZT - 4008G 8~80 GPM / 30~300 LPM Water Circular 
LZT - 4010 G 10~100 GPM / 50~350 LPM Water Circular


We also provide type LZT 2502G & LZT 2505G.

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