Hydrogard 970 Carbon

Hydrogard 970 Carbon

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High activity granular activated carbon known as Hydrogard 970 is produced by steam activating specific types of bituminous coal. Optimal performance in a variety of water treatment applications is provided by the ideal balance of adsorption and transport pores. The product has a high density an doffers the most volumetric activity. Outstanding mechanical strength and hardness ensure minimal losses during backwashing, air scouring, and numerous reactivations.

Features and Benefits

• Excellent adsorption capacity

• Good abrasion resistance

• Excellent resistance to friction

• Low dust

• Easy to wet

• High organics compound capacity

• High hardness

• Proven high reactivation yields

•Improved transport pore structur


Typical Applications

• Treatment of municipal drinking water

• Production of soft drink sand beer

• Treatment of residential water

• Adsorption of taste and odor

• Protection of ion exchange resin



Iodine : 970±20 mg/g

Moisture : 5%

Ash : 10%

Bulk Density : 480±30 Kg/m3

Hardness : 90%


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