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Watermart Perkasa



Composite PolyAmide RO Membrane.
High Flow, High Rejection, Low Fouling Brackish Water RO Membranes.


CPA5-LD from the LD Technology™ innovative low fouling membranes, achieves the highest flow and highest salt rejection
for the most difficult of brackish feed water conditions

Where ultrahigh purity water is required under difficult feedwater conditions, the CPA5-LD gives the most desirable combination of high rejection and high flow. For industries such as power, semiconductor, food and beverage, where high purity water is critical to operations, CPA5-LD gives you the most desirable combination of performance and efficiency.

CPA5-LD helps reduce RO system power consumption and the membrane resistance to biological and colloidal fouling helps reduce the number of cleanings required, lowering  the overall cost of your operation.

Key Benefit 

  •  High permeate flow - 11,000 gpd (41.6 m/d)
  •  High salt rejection - 3 99.7 % (99.6 % minimum)
  •  High rejection of boron - 92%
  •  Lowest biological and colloidal fouling
  •  Greater  tolerance to high pH cleanings
  •  Lower energy consumption


  • Boiler makeup water for power generation
  • Ultrapure water for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries
  • Industrial waste water recycling
  • Zero liquid discharge/HERO process


  • Permeate Flow 11,000 gpd (41.6 m/d)
  • Salt Rejection 99.7 % (99.6 % minimum)

Applications Data:
pH Range, Continuous (Cleaning) 2-11 (1-13)*
Maximum Feedwater SDI (15 min) 5.0 
Maximum Feed Flow 75 GPM  (17.0 m3/h) 

* The limitations shown here are for general use. For specific projects, operating at more conservative 
values may ensure the best performance and longest life of the membrane. See Hydranautics
Technical Bulletins for more detail on operation limits, cleaning pH, and cleaning temperatures.

Test Conditions:

  • 1500 PPM NaCl solution
  • 225 psi (1.55 MPa) Applied Pressure
  • 77o F (25o C) Operating Temperature
  • 15% Permeate Recovery
  • 6.5 - 7.0 pH Range


  • Enhanced membrane chemistry for increased chemical resistance
  • Innovative spacer design to minimize trapping of small colloidal particles
  • HYDRAblock™ technology providing biostatic properties to minimize proliferation of biological fouling
  • Proprietary vented seal carrier to eliminate pressure-shock damage during system startup.

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