pH BOOSTER - COROSEX - Watermart Perkasa


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Corosex® is a specially processed hard, bead-like magnesia, adapted for use in filters to neutralize acidity by increasing the pH value.


Corosex can be effetively combined with calck calcite to combine the hight flow neutralization properties of corosex, along with the slower reacting low flow properties of calcite, reducing potentially high basic properties due to overcorrection.  Corosex can correct acidic water conditions and render it less corrosive, by by neutralizing the free carbon dioxide in water.  Corosex, being a highly reactive magnesium oxide, is used most effectively where pH correction is substantial or high flow conditions are in use. pH correction and media consumption are affected by a number of water chemical variables. Being soluble to acidity, Corosex will slowly dissolve and will need to be replenished periodically. 

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