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Qur Dry Anthracite Is Only 50 Pounds per cubic Foot Compared to 52 to 56 pound per cubic foot far wet product/This difference means your purchase less product to fill the same amount of space in the filter.

CEI Anthracite can manufacture  anthracite with a Uniformity coefficiet as low as 1.3 the following chart shaws the advantage


                                               E.S                    U.C              d90             Vmf

(mm)                                     (mm)                                    (mm)       gpm/sq.ft

CEI Anthracite                        1/0                    1.3               1.54             9.2

Generic Coal                          1.0                    1.6               2.2               16.4


CEI Anthracite is an established reliable an-time suppier of exact specifications.CEI anthracite's sophisticated processing facility enables us to produce filter media in quantities and quality that will surpasses most media sizing manufacture


NSF Approwed Exceed AWWA Standard

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