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Logix Controller with Accessories.


742 ( upgraded from 740 ) Logix Electronic Control Timer Assembly on the Autotrol 263 Performa Backwash Only Valve. 

The Performa 263/742 computer control system combines design simplicity with reinforced NORYL construction to provide you with an uncommonly reliable appliance. The inherent reliability for the system means a long life of efficient, trouble-free, uninterrupted soft water luxury

Comes with Outdoor Cover, and Outdoor transformer.

Here's a few of the key features of the 263 valve:

* Single motor provides all the power to turn camshaft - no solenoids are needed!
* Unique camshaft / flapper valve design - no dynamic seals (such as piston and seal or rotary discs) that could cause leakage through wear or fatigue.
* Direct acting system functions independent of water pressure. No pistons or diaphragms that require a minimum water pressure to operate.
* Valve may be indexed manually without power in the event of an extended power outage.

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