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Watermart Perkasa



The series 962 electronic controls provide sophisticated,demand-based water conditioning by combining a microprocessor with a flow used.Time-based and/or externaly signal initiation is also available as a standard feature.


This fully programmable series of controls provide the ability to fine-tune the operation to meet the application requirements.


Standard Features

  • Accepts an input from a variety of flow sensors to electronically monitor the amount of water used
  • Homing operation-the control and stager automatically synchronize to the service position
  • NEMA 4XFG Fiberglass enclosure
  • 115VAC 50/60Hz and 230VAC 50/60Hz
  • Up to 15 programmable timed regeneration cycles are available,programmable form 0 to 255 minutes


Optional Features


  • Battery backup(rechargeable) for monitoring time-of-day and water usage for up to eight hours during a power outage.
  • A dry or powered contact closure can be provided during a cycle or cycles of operation on all models
  • A SPDT relay can be added to provide an additional signal during service/regeneration(single tank & twin-alternating units only)




Single unit control Model number Description
Typical softeners and filters E948* 962 control w/model 48, 6-port stager
More complex softener and filters E951* 962 control w/model 51, 8-port stager


Multiple unit controls Model number Description
Twin-alternating softeners & filters(w/timed brine switch output) E958-TB 962 control w/model 58-TB,16-port stager
Twin-alternating softeners E958-TA 962 control w/model 58-TA,16-port stager
2 Unit sequential filters(backwash & rinse) E951 962 control w/model 51, 8-port stager
3 Or 4 unit sequential filters E958 962 control w/model 58, 16-port stager
Sequential filters(backwash Only) E948 962 control w/model 48, 6-port stager


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