464 Brine Valve Series

464 Brine Valve Series

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The 464 brine valve can be used on residential and light commercial applications refilling up to one gallon perminute.Each model is equipment with an air check to prevent air from being pulled into the system during the brine draw cycle.porven reliable for over 30 years.the 464 brine valve is just one of the many brine componets available from clack corporation.


System Features


  • Easily adjustable to fit all brine tanks and cabinets
  • Fits both 3-1/2" and 4" brine wells
  • Built-in air check prevent air from being drawn into the system
  • Refill and brine draw rates of up to 1 gpm
  • Can be used as brine refill shut-off valve or safety back-up float
  • Easily adjustable float setting
  • Materials are FDA compliant and/or NSF certified


464 Reference Guide
Brine Valve Desciption Color Of Body Hole size in Body Refill Ball In Body
Standard Black Small Yes
Control Flow Blue Medium Yes
High Flow White Large No