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Technical Parameters

●Water pressure ---------------------0.2—0.6MPa
●Water temperature ------------------5-50℃
●Transformer ------------------------DC24V、4.5A
●Brine line connector----------------3/4″M
●Top and bottom strainer-------------DN100
●Water capacity----------------------50 m3/h

Product Characteristics

■ Improve the structure, adopt improved piston, easy and reliable structure, with less
■ Strengthen structure, high pressure resistant
■ Less spare parts, easy for maintenance.
■ Time clock type and meter type optional, can be switched by program.
■ Equipped with booster pump, pistons still can work if the pressure is under 0.2MPa. ■ Side-mounted, control valve with single tank has no water outlet during
■ Brine electronic ball valve will close during brine draw and slow rinse.
■ The system refill the brine tank which controlled by electronic ball valve in service
    position, shorten the cycle of regeneration (For softener valve).
■ LED screen display, button lock function.
■ Retain parameter and remind setting after power recover.
■ Interlock, signal output connector, remote handling connector, pressure relief
■ Block the brine line connector, remove drain connector to modify to filter valve.

Working Principle and Range of Application:
It adopts program to drive the motor to control valve core, based on time signal, volume signal or outlet water quality to regenerate, adopts time signal to automatically realize the exchange of functions like backwash, brine &slow rinse, brine refill and fast rinse, etc. It is main used in boiler softening water system, soften device of RO Pre-treatment and ion exchange equipment, the residential filter system, RO pretreatment carbon filter, sand filter, swimming pool filter equipment and iron and manganese removal water treatment system, etc.

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