GreensandPlus™ - the preferred filter media for over 60 years because IT WORKS!

Demand the Best from Your Filter Media Distributor or Original Equipment Manufacturer

Inversand proven GreensandPlus™ Maganese Dioxide Coated filter media efficiently and economically removes Iron, Maganese, Ionic, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Radium in municipal, industrial, end-point-of-use water treatment applications.

NOT TOO COURSE - to provide superior filtering capability for smaller particulates.

NOT TOO FINEto provide superior filtering without shortening the run time between backwashes.

NOT TO HEAVY - to minimize backflow rates and waste volumes.

NOT TOO LIGHT - to provide excellent separation between media and filtered containment, and eliminate media loss during backwash.

WQA Gold Certifications - for compliance with NSF/ANSI 61.