Water Pump

Water pump is an element that functions to absorb and push the water contained in the cooling system so that it can circulate in the engine.
The engine cavities through which circulation will cool the wall temperature in the cylinder bore. This can automatically raise the engine temperature and henceforth the cooling process is carried out in the radiator section.

The smooth circulation of cooling water must be strictly maintained because if the smooth circulation of water is disturbed by the presence of rust or other impurities it can cause an increase in engine temperature or even cause damage to the engine.
The water pump can work after the engine is started because the water pump works through the help of the v-belt.
The v-belt functions to drive a fan that circulates water throughout the engine cavities. One of the damage that occurs to the water pump is the break of the object that is in charge of moving this fan.

The following are the symptoms of a malfunction in the water pump :

  • Engine heats up fast
  • The seal on the water pump is leaking
  • There is a squeaking sound from the water pump
  • The water in the radiator runs out quickly

The following are 3 steps to inspect and deal with damage to the water pump:
  • Check on a cold engine. If there is no water flow in the radiator hole, it indicates that the water pump is damaged.
  • Damage to the water pump that occurs in the bearing will cause a squeaking sound.
  • Radiator water will run out quickly if damage occurs to the seal.

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