Control Valve

Control Valve Definition
Control valve is one type of valve / faucet that is used to regulate flow, pressure, temperature and control a fluid in the form of gas, liquid or solid form. The fluid flows smoothly in pipes or ditches or rivers equipped with valves to regulate its flow by opening and closing fully or partially in response to signals received from the control center.

In irrigation systems, water flows from the dam to the water channel, the valve can be called a floodgate. Channels as a path for water to flow can be in the form of rivers, ditches or ditches. Usually this flow capacity is very large so the valve used is also large in measurement.

Control Valve Function
There are several types of functions of the control valve either automatically or manually. This valve can manually open or close the flow by human power. However, currently, many control valves are equipped with electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic components, which are commonly used for high-capacity and high-pressure flows.

In the control valve, it uses the signal obtained from the instrument installed in the piping system which will then be processed into the valve opening according to the needs of the amount of flow. With a control valve, it can perform various functions which are usually to control the amount of flow or to limit the pressure in a piping system.

In this case the control valve is used in a certain place which is usually called a sluice gate. As we often hear during a flood, this floodgate also functions as a wave controller to direct the amount of water flowing into the river.

There is also a valve that has a function as a control, to control the flow so that it flows in the same direction and cannot flow in the opposite direction. Where this valve is usually called a no return valve or check valve. A valve like this that can be a component of a control valve is usually called a one way valve or check valve.

From the form of development, which are widely known in general are butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, solenoid valves, membrane valves. There are automatic and manual control valves, which are widely used to control the flow of water, air and gas.

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