Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filter serves to partition TSS (Total Suspended Solid) or total suspended solids are solids suspended in water in the form of organic and inorganic materials, which are still visible in water after the oil partition process is made. Cartridges work on the principle of filtration. With this principle the TSS particles will pass through the channel and be retained. Switching is especially important when the pressure in the line is too great or the effectiveness is too low.

One type of cartridge that can be used is a washable cartridge, this type of cartridge can be washed and reused so that it saves tool replacement costs.

Advantages: Washable cartridge filter

  • Washing time is fast (about 12-15 minutes)
  • Suitable for overcoming TSS
  • Troubleshoot plugging
  • Cleaning is relatively easy (just use some product water)
  • High flux (12-15) gpm/sq.ft
  • Relatively small size
  • The filter can be washed so as to reduce the frequency of replacement


Because of its advantages, the cartridge line is very suitable for WTIP water filtration because it requires purity with low TSS. Large capacity can be handled with small channel size because the flux is very large.

Changing the channel can be done alternately on the other side so it is necessary to form some deposits so that the washing does not hinder the process of the working system.

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